Sunday, January 20, 2013

Installing Windows 8 Enterprise on a Dell Latitude 10 via USB

While SCCM 2012 SP1 is on the horizon, this still may be useful information for anyone who has a Dell shop like mine.

The Dell Latitude 10 Tablet ships with Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.  In order to get advanced networking features like DirectAccess, you need to run Windows 8 Enterprise.  Since the Latitude 10 has a UEFI BIOS, the process is slightly different if you wanted to install Windows 8 Enterprise via USB stick.  Here is what you need to do; you will need a USB stick that is at least 4GB in size with nothing on it:

  1. Download and install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
  2. Download your Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit ISO from Microsoft
    1. The Latitude 10 runs a 32-bit Atom CPU, it is not 64-bit capable
  3. Do these steps to create the bootable USB Stick
    1. First, choose your ISO file, then click Next
    2. Select USB Device
    3. From the dropdown, choose your USB device and select Begin Copying
    4. Once the Tool has finished building the bootable USB stick, click Finish
  4. Open Windows Explorer and then open the USB stick
  5. Copy the contents of the USB stick to your Desktop
  6. Once the content has been copied, format the USB stick using FAT32
  7. Copy the contents back to the USB stick
You now have a USB Stick that is bootable for systems running a UEFI BIOS.  UEFI is unable to boot from an NTFS-formatted USB stick, only FAT32.  Now on to the Latitude 10:

*Note: You will need the included Dock for this or a USB hub to connect into the USB port.  The Win 8 Enterprise ISO does not contain any drivers for the Dell touch interface so a keyboard and mouse is a MUST.

  1. Connect the USB key, a Keyboard, and a Mouse.
  2. Turn the Latitude 10 on, start tapping F12 as soon as you see the Dell Logo
    1. FYI if you do not have a keyboard, you can bring up the boot menu by pressing and holding Vol + when you see the Dell Logo
  3. Select the USB key as your boot device
  4. Install Win 8 Enterprise
    1. I don't yet fully know the school of thought around the built-in partitioning.  For sake of testing I deleted all of the partitions on the SSD and let Win 8 create a partition, the tablet runs fine.  Do this with caution though if you did not receive media with the Tablet and want to maintain a copy of the original software.
Now you will need to go to the Dell Support Site to download drivers.  I recommend downloading the Driver CAB, which contains all the drivers for this device, along with a copy of 7-zip or your favorite unpacking tool to extract the CAB file info.  Some of the drivers include an installer, others will have to be installed using the Update Driver method via Device Manager.

So there you have it, here is one great way to install Windows 8 Enterprise on your Latitude 10 tablet.  I suspect these instructions would work for other tablets as well with a few modifications but I haven't tested that.  If there are other ways to do this please share them below in the comments!

An observation that I've found on my Latitude 10.  I decided to immerse myself in the platform by ditching my laptop and only using the Lat 10 for everything.  While attempting to build another bootable USB key for 2008 R2, I came across a frustrating little quirk regarding the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.  When you attempt to create a USB key with a device that uses an EFI-based BIOS, bootsect.exe doesn't work which results in having a USB key that is not bootable.

The problem ?

bootsect.exe cannot be used with EFI-based systems.



nextranter said...
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nextranter said...

Are you able to encrypt the OS partition with BitLocker on your enterprise install? I am getting an "arithmetic result exceeded 32 bits" error. Good times.

Your information helped me get the the BIOS without a keyboard and know to format FAT32.


Arxcited said...

Hi, I have installed Windows 8 Enterprise on one of our Dell Latitude 10 tablets. Most things seem allright and I got DirectAccess working etc.

So far I have found two problems:

1. I can´t use BitLocker after joining the tablet to our domain. It seems to work allright in a workgroup. The error I get is: "The startup options on this PC is configured incorrectly. Please Contact your administrator."
I have not seen this error Before and can not find any information about it on the internet. I have an open case with Dell Pro support about it but have not Heard anything yet.

2. After installing Windows 8 Enterprise, one of the touch keyboard layouts have disappeared. The Pro version have four default and I have only Three after reinstall. The one missing is the one used for the wacom stylus (pen).

Anyone know how to solve any of those issues?

Anders R, Sweden

Terry Walker said...

I haven't attempted to use Bitlocker on my Lat 10 yet but its now something that I'll have to try. I suspect that it has to do with how the drive is partitioned. If you deleted all of the partitions like I did, you will have to manually create a partition so that the Bitlocker part is created along side it (its usually a 350mb partition).

I'm currently working on some GPO / UAC struggles so I won't have time to lab this for a little while, but I'll see what I can come up with.

For the missing keyboard layout, you will need to ensure you have the digitizer driver installed since that is specific to Dell. You should be able to pull that off the dell support page.


Mike J said...

I'm also experiencing "arithmetic result exceeded 32 bits" error when attempting to turn on BitLocker on the Latitude 10. If anyone has a solution, please post. I will do the same.

nextranter said...

Dell is going to swap out my tablet. They are not sure what is wrong. I will try again on the replacement and let you guys know. It is nice to hear someone else is having the same issue.

nextranter said...

Replacement tablet fixed the problem for me.

Mike J said...

I'm glad you were able to have your problem solved. Of the 3 Latitude 10's that I have, I am still receiving the "Arithmetic result exceeded 32 bits" error on just one of them. This occurs on all currently available BIOS versions (A00, A02, A03). Also, this issue occurs on my custom corporate image and the default Dell image. I think at this point I will put in for a replacement.

Thomas Rueby said...


I installed Windows 8 Enterprise N 32 Bit on one of our Dell Latitude 10 tablets and get problems with the drivers for sensors.

I tryed a lot and asked dell for help. The answer was: Sorry but windows 8 enterprise is not supported for dell latitude 10.

So I had to resolve the problem by my own. After a lot of test installations I fixed my problem.

Can`t believe but true!

The problem was the "N" version of windows 8 enterprise!!! When I install the full-version with the drivers-cab from the problem was fixed.

Hope it helps!

Mayank Srivastava said...

I have been trying to install Win 8 x64 Enterprise on my Lenovow 530, but wasn't successful until I reformated the USB drive with FAT 32 and recopied the files.

Thank you for sharing!

Halman Freud said...

I have installed but the 64b version, I would like to know which is the best app of google drive for windows, I mean, to synchronize with my mobile device.

lynnsmiths said...

I currently have this - dell inspiron i15rv-1952blk and I let my son borrow it for a week and now I ended up with windows 7. He doesn't know how to get windows 8 back until now. I'll let him know about the USB installation method.


Abell Gilbert said...

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leoJ.- TUTO said...

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