Saturday, December 1, 2012

Report Building Part 1: The Goal

Its always important to have a goal in mind when learning a new product or feature.  Sure there is the over arching goal of learning how to use a new tool but the important question and driver is WHY are you learning it?  At least this is the way that I learn anyway, I realize that everyone is different.

I find it easier to learn when I have to learn something in order to complete a specific task.  Here is what I've been given:

My company is getting ready to purchase a large number of desktops and laptops in order to finally move away from Windows XP SP3.  Internally we have developed a standard for what system models we want to maintain in the company and what we want to replace.  We also need to know what systems we can upgrade to Windows 7 vs. what we have to replace.  The reports that are built in to SCCM 2012 get us part of the way there but it doesn't give us a very specific piece of information:  How many of each system model are located in each office ?

I located a post on the TechNet Forums to help get me started with a basic SQL Query which I have to modify to be able to target specific collections.  Here is the base SQL Query that I'm going to start with:

SELECT     Manufacturer0, Model0, Count(Model0) AS 'Count'
GROUP BY Manufacturer0,Model0

This query works great for discovering how many of each system model that we have in the entire company but it doesn't break it down by office.  In my case, Each office has its own Device Collection and User Collection.  Hopefully I can modify this to work for what I need to do while at the same time learning a new tool!  Please don't just post the answer to this if you know it, my goal is not just to figure this out but how to learn how to build SQL Queries with Report Builder.

This series assumes that you have already installed and configured SQL Server Reporting Services and installed the Reporting Services point role on your Primary/Central Site Server.  If you haven't, I've posted a link to an excellent thread on the windows-noob forum that walks you through how to set it up!


TechNet Discussion Thread:

Report Builder 3.0 Download:

SCCM 2012 - Adding the Reporting Services Point Role:

Table of Contents

Introduction to Series
Part 1: The Goal
Part 2: SQL Query Basics
Part 3: Lets all JOIN hands

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