Thursday, September 6, 2012

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 - Beware CU1

Microsoft recently released CU1 for SCCM 2012 following its new cumulative update model.  I should have clued in that it was considered a hotfix but I applied it anyway under the interest of wanting my live environment to be up to date for launch.  Boy was that a mistake.

After applying CU1 my Management Point completely shut down, though I wasn't aware at the time that CU1 caused its demise.  After a full weekend of uninstalling and reinstalling the MP, IIS, DP, WSUS, EP, and the Application Catalog website, I remembered that I had installed CU1 so decided to go about removing it.

Went to uninstall the patch using the usual channel (via Programs and Features) however I was unable to uninstall from there.  To uninstall I had to extract the .msi from the CU1 package, right-click the MSI and select Uninstall.  Once CU1 was removed, the Management Point lit right up!

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