Friday, June 5, 2009

Boot Images and OS's

A little tidbit that I learned while researching the 760/E6400 issue (This is from Michael Kelley [MSTF] over at the Technet Forums):

"You can deploy an x64 operating system from a 32-bit WinPE. This combination allows you to use a 32-bit WinPE, run various hardware tools (such as doing BIOS configuration, configuring a RAID controller, etc.) as task sequence actions, and still deploy an x64 operating system. Many of these tools are 32-bit executables. x64 WinPE does not include the WOW layer that full x64 Windows has, so it can't run 32-bit tools.

Deploying a 32-bit operating system from x64 Windows PE is not supported..."

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