Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Installing Civil3D 2008 on a 64-bit OS

By Default, Autodesk 2008 vertical products can only be installed on Windows XP 32-bit. Here is a workaround to make it installable on 64 bit systems as well. Note that you can get updated files by contacting Autodesk support as well:

  1. Get Orca from Microsoft (part of the MS Platform SDK for Server 2003)
  2. Make a Copy of the .msi file (very important otherwise you could kill your install)
  3. Open the MSI within Orca and make the following Changes:
  • Under Tables: Look for InstallExecuteSequence, Delete the action called "CheckFor64BitOS"
  • Under Tables: Look for CustomAction, Delete the Action called "CheckFor64BitOS" (Not a typo, its in both places)
  • Save the MSI and Close Orca (You may want to save it as a new name incase of any issues)

The next steps are done within the .ini file:

  1. Open the .ini file in Notepad
  2. Delete the following line under "Platform Requirement": PLATFORM=NO_WOW_64_PROCESS
  3. Save and Close the .ini file (again, a new file name is good)

Install and your off to the races. Note that if you use Vista 64bit edition there may be some pathing issues.

A big thank you too this blog post that lead me to this solution (not taking any credit here)

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